Thursday, 29 August 2013

Week 6 Term 3 2013

This week we made:

Gnocchi with a Herb and Tomato Sauce

Grain Mustard and Herb Rolls

Cauliflower fritters

Falafel with a yoghurt and mint dip

Cheesy Vegetables

It was the first week of a new block of recipe groups and so things were pretty hectic at times! But we all agreed that as usual our students created delicious items.

The gnocchi, as we suspected, was quite a challenge. It was greatly helped by staff and students watching the following video clip in advance:

(If you follow the link you may find that there is a 30 second advert before the gnocchi part arrives)

I was delighted to hear Louise R’s comment after watching the video – she felt confident about making gnocchi now and could see where there were lots of opportunities for student participation.

At first sight gnocchi appears to be quite challenging, but in fact it is easier than pasta and many of our students are able to participate independently it its preparation from start to finish.


The cauliflower fritter recipe required a little adjusting (5 eggs instead of 2!!!), but once we had made the changes it was great. It was good to be able to harvest our own cauliflowers.

I opted to use packet mix for the falafel (having said last year that we should make it from scratch next time). I still think it would be good to make it from scratch, it was all just a bit too busy this week…………. But just look at the fun that Michael and Nick had!

I am including some photos from last week here – I didn’t get them until this week, but they really are worthy of inclusion.  Jaime made pasta with very little assistance from start to completion. And Josh did a wonderful job with the pizza – great independent work – I’m sure Tracy (mum) just sits back every evening while Josh cooks tea!!


Jaime even cleaned the machine!!


The ‘cheesy vegetables’ were different each day, but always delicious. We were given a huge number of leeks this week and they made a great addition to this dish. We also included fennel, beans, snow peas, pumpkin, swedes, capsicums and onions on various days. Mind you I did wonder if we would have any snow peas left after students ate so many raw ones!! (That’s a particular dig at Josie!!!)

Shannon sowed some mizuna and rocket a few weeks ago and it has now germinated. Well done Shannon!



Students are continuing to sow seeds in our hot house – we will have lots of seedlings to plant shortly.


I was very impressed with the way that Ryan completed the weather board this week.



Jo did some excellent work dressing our scarecrow suitably for the weather.

Some good mulching and composting was completed this week too.


Finally some chook photos. Our roosters left us this week – they are going to live with Craig. One of the conditions in our planning application for the chook house was that we do not have roosters so four of our babies had to leave. Fortunately of the nine chicks that we hatched out five were hens. The five girls looked a bit worried yesterday afternoon after theirs boys had gone, but I am sure they will soon settle back into their life of luxury in their palace.