Monday, 29 July 2013

Week 1 Term 3

We started our new five week block of menus  last week, consisting of variations on a pasta dish, a pizza, a salad, a vegetable dish and soup. Last week we made:

Seasonal Soup

Tomato, Herb and Cheese Pizza

Broccoli and Almond Pasta

Honey Carrots

Rocket, Pear and Walnut Salad


As usual it was great to see students participate so well and, in many cases, so independently. In the photos that follow you can see Cameron making pizza, Josh and Jackson chopping vegetables and stirring the soup, Laura frying walnuts, Ryan adding cheese to a pizza and Steven delivering dishes of food to the dining table.

We were able to harvest a variety of salad leaves this week including rocket, lettuce and mizuna; and as you can see from Frank’s photo we were also able to harvest broccoli.

Our chickens moved to their new home this week – the students did a fantastic job helping with the move – I must make a special mention of Shannon who made sure that Josie was included in this activity. The chickens seemed to cope with the move very well – thanks once again to Rotary of Bellerive for building their ‘palace’.

Seventeen visitors from Japan joined us for lunch this week!  Three mature students (all with Downs Syndrome), their mothers and three interpreters joined us for cooking and then the rest of the group joined us for lunch.  It was wonderful to see the way everyone worked together. We had to prepare twice as much food as usual but everyone coped really well and our visitors were most impressed.  One of the mothers said to me that in Japan students with special needs are just taught to cook basic foods – she was so impressed with the way our students are learning so much more than this in our program.

Special Offer

We have a few copies of our 2012 Kitchen Garden Recipe Book left and have reduced their price from$10 down to $7.50. If you would like a copy please contact our school office.

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