Thursday, 4 July 2013

Final Week of Term 2

This week we cooked:

Pizza of the Imagination
Moroccan Chickpea and Quinoa Salad
Beetroot and Orange Salad
Potato and Tomato Curry
Curried Eggs

As always, there were countless memorable moments.

This sequence of photos of Jo shows how he was able to make pasta dough almost completely independently – cracking the eggs, adding ingredients to the food processor, mixing the dough and then kneading it. It also shows how much he enjoyed it once it was cooked!

The baby chicks and the chicken house still attract a huge amount of interest. Our chicks are now four weeks old and are already ‘roosting’. We have had to purchase larger food containers because of the huge amounts that they are now eating! They are still living in their apple crate as they do not have full sets of feathers. Next term we will move the apple crate into the chicken house and let them roam around a little during the day-time. Several of our students are now very happy to let the chicks feed from their hands and some have started to do jobs associated with the chicks such as re-filling food and water containers.

I have been given some photos from previous weeks that I would like to include. Here are some great photos of Patrick grouting our mosaic table.

I plan to encourage staff to try to include more numeracy in the kitchen and garden classes. In this photo it can be seen that Louise and Jo have already taken this on-board when counting out the fifteen peppercorns that were added to the Kashmiri Vegetable Curry last week.
Pizza has been as popular as ever this term – great work from Thomas D and Joseph in particular.

Lots of good gardening work was done this week despite some very wet weather. Tom D, Tom B and Cameron B did a lot of mulching; we harvested broccoli and onion sprouts and also did some watering.

The happy faces that we see during cooking sessions and the way that our students participate with such great enthusiasm continue to inspire us.

Particularly pleasing moments this week included:
Thomas working out how to use the lemon press

And Jack being so careful when making the curried eggs


William investigating an orange
Jamie participating in all aspects of the kitchen class

And Frank just enjoying everything!

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