Thursday, 6 June 2013


This week's big news is that we have nine chicks! Three of the chicks have already been to school and have been much admired by all! All nine will move permanently to school next Tuesday.
This week we made:
Soup of the Imagination
Beef Ravioli with Tomato Sauce
Thai Carrot Salad
Herb and Grain Mustard Rolls
Stir-fried Vegetables in Oyster Sauce
Frank completed a matching exercise where he had to find various plant labels in the new garden.

Here Rochelle is completing a plant identification activity

The new garden is going well!

We decided it was time to finish the mosaic table  - grouting was great fun, but very messy!

Rochelle identifying plants

Brandon helped to move the apple crate that is going to house our new chicks. He learned about levers in a very practical way!

Jaimie helped with the earth moving job

Julie and Aaron decided to have a dance while they were gardening!

Jack cut circles for ravioli very carefully

Aaron rolled  the dough into balls for rolls

Jacob mixed the lime, chilli and spring onion for the Thai Carrot Salad

Aaron enjoyed the stir-fried vegetables

Soup has been a great success this year - Jacob really loved it!

Jacob very carefully ladelled soup into his mug

Patrick and Tracey did some watering

Patrick put the hose away very neatly

Stevan cut circles in the pasta to make ravioli

Meg operated the pasta machine

Jed did some watering

Jed and Jennifer emptied the compost bin

Brandon moved soil

Jayden helped with watering

And last but not least here are the baby chicks!!

Next week we start a new cycle of recipes and are making:
Mini frittatas
Pizza of the Imagination
Spinach and Pumpkin Salad
Kashmiri Vegetable Curry
Chinese Rice

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