Thursday, 28 February 2013

A great week in the kitchen and garden

This week we made:


Curried Eggs

Silver beet in Olive Oil with Chick Peas and Currants


Pizza of the Imagination

Zucchini Pasta

The curried eggs continued to be a very popular dish in both preparation and eating. There is something quite compulsive about peeling hard boiled eggs – lots of students who weren’t actually assigned to this activity couldn’t resist coming over and doing some peeling. And eating the eggs tends to get a bit compulsive at times too – there were several eggs eaten well before serving time.


We attached the remote switch to our food processor this week and it was good to see how it enabled more or our students to participate in the food preparation process. This week we encouraged students requiring blended food to blend their own. Here is Mitch blending his coleslaw.


We also encouraged classes to bring their students’ communication devices so that they could ask for more food when they wanted it.

Pizza continues to be very popular – this week Aiden amazed us with his dough throwing skills!


This week’s pasta was delicious – thin strips of zucchini (resembling pasta) cooked in olive oil and garlic and then mixed with fettuccine and parmesan. The mandolin slicer came into its own with this recipe.


We harvested peas, tomatoes, potatoes, chives, sliver beet and spinach, cabbage, zucchini and herbs this week.

It was good to see students checking out what was growing in the garden and using their senses to explore textures, colours and smells.


Luckily two giant pumpkins are still alive after last week’s visitors destroyed so many. It was really great to see one class come down to the garden with a tape measure so that they could measure the pumpkin.

We got some “new” clothes for the scarecrows this week – but the students wanted to wear the clothes too!

With the inclusion of some of our very young students into the program we are finding that last year’s purchase of tiny wheelbarrows has been worthwhile. Our larger wheelbarrows continue to serve many purposes!

And the maintenance groups continued to keep our garden tidy!


Next week we will be cooking:

Salad of the Imagination

Pizza of the Imagination

Zucchini Fritters

Moroccan Chickpea Quinoa Salad

Pasta with Vegetable Sauce

And a final few photos