Wednesday, 14 November 2012


This week we harvested our garlic - 50 beautiful purple bulbs!

The bulbs are hanging in the shed drying at the moment.

This week we cooked:

Bashed Neeps and Carrots
Kale and Onion Pizza
Broad Beans with Baby Spinach, Parsley, Feta and Almonds
Hasselback Potatoes
Arroz Verde (green rice)

Here are some photos of what we prepared - for some reason the 'Bashed Neeps and Carrots' didn't get photographed - maybe the students ate them so quickly there was no time!!!

Whilst the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program really focusses on students enjoying food that they have grown, harvested and prepared themselves, we are also seeing the development of a huge range of skills:

Jobe adding coriander to the food processor

Litiani peeling a carrot

Josie carefully removing stalks from kale

Jobe operating the food processor

Riley peeling carrots

Riley peeling swede

Darcy juicing a lemon

Jobe stirring

Darcy gently mixing the salad

Jobe doing some more stirring

Jackson mashing the swede and carrot

Ellen carefully adding olive oil to the salad

And of course we continue to have lots of  fun! Pauline appointed Billy 'Head Chef' this week and he took to the role with relish!!

Not quite sure what to say about this - I think Tash was trying to get Billy to dance!!

And of course sitting and eating our food is always a very pleasant experience:
Blue and White Class

William investigating the pizza


In the garden we continue to complete maintenance tasks such as composting, watering and weeding. We are also preparing our beds for summer planting. We have some seedlings ready to plant, but need to be careful not to plant them too soon otherwise they will be ready before we return to school in 2013.
Cameron did a great job with composting this week:

Our new garden continues to develop. Here are some photos of the hot house, shade house, chicken house and fruit trees:

And next week we are cooking:

Italian Vegetable Stew
Warm Cinnamon Apples with Yoghourt

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