Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Our Rainwater Tanks Have Arrived

We were very excited to take delivery of two rainwater tanks this week. They arrived on Wednesday and some of our students were able to watch them being taken from the truck and moved to the garden – Michael, Craig, Mark and driver Barry had to work very hard to move them with great supervision provided by Jo!!

We are very grateful to Tankworld at Derwent Park for giving us a generous discount. The Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program is very dependent on the generosity of others for its successful implementation and forming community links with organisations such as Tankworld is invaluable . The motto on our school logo is “Achieving Together” – thank you Tankworld for helping with this bit of achievement.

This week we cooked:
Roasted Turnips filled with Spicy Rice
Potato and Rosemary Pizza
Leafy Green Salad
Honey Fruit Salad

It has to be said that for the very first time we did have an item that wasn’t very popular – the turnips! However, the spicy rice inside them was delicious so all was not lost. The pizza was perhaps this week’s favourite.
Leafy Green Salad with Edible Flowers
Jack enjoyed using the salad spinner

Riley tested the cos lettuce!

The salad spinner was very popular!

Cameron added pepper to the leafy salad

Riley added salt to the leafy salad

Some of the leaves that went into our salad

Rocket, leeks, radishes, coriander and spring onions

Leafy Salad

Harvesting leaves

More harvesting - Nick did a good job!

Josh collected the cabbage from the harvest table
Ryan stirred the coleslaw
Collecting some herbs from the harvest table

Potato and Rosemary Pizza

Adding the potato

Good stirring

We trialled using a mandolin slicer this week. It worked  very well, but we are still
searching for the perfect machine.

Honey Fruit Salad

Darcy enjoyed all the chopping, peeling and stirring

Ellen and Nick enjoyed eating the fruit salad

In the garden we planted giant pumpkins. We planted them between our fruit trees in the new garden, giving them lots of worm casts from our worm farm and compost as well. Students will be measuring the growth of the pumpkins next term and we hope to enter the largest ones into a pumpkin competition.

We had a visit from Jacob this week - he will be coming to our school next year.
Jacob did a great job with planting the pumpkins.

Hugo watered the pumpkins

And a few more photos:

Amelia shredded some paper for our compost heap

Patrick watered the potatoes

Jacob also completed  the weather board during his visit

Ellen helped to blend some food so that it was soft enough for Libby to eat

Darcy washed Kelera's hands for her with the hose pipe

A good job completed by Jacob

And next week our menu is:
Cauliflower Fritters
Leafy Green Salad
Broccoli Cheese
Thai Carrot Salad
Potato Gnocchi with Silverbeet and Ricotta