Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Community Involvement

Oakdale Industries kindly donated beautiful chopping boards, trivets and coasters for our kitchen.

Granton Plants donated lots of seedlings for our vegetable gardens, together with a large bag of lime. The seedlings look really healthy and will hopefully provide us with a good first harvest in Term 1 2012.
Last day of term 2011. Three beds planted with a huge range of seedlings. Seven beds seeded with green manure crop seeds. Fingers crossed for a good harvest next term!!

Seedlings were also provided by Terry and Chris Moran, two members of our local community. Terry and Chris are also keen to become volunteers in our garden program next year.

Community involvement is developing with the contributions mentioned above and also the summer holiday watering volunteers:
  • Tracey and Josh Hill - parent and student
  • Howrah Child Care Centre
  • Southern Support School Holiday Program Workers
AND so good to get feedback from these volunteers about how the garden is doing - Tracey sent a text to say that the green manure crop seeds have germinated already!!

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